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Hi, I'm Dr Susanna


I'm a licensed pediatrician based in Zurich, Switzerland. A long time ago, I got rid of my childhood asthma with alternative medicine - even though I was repeatedly told I would have it "all my life" and I should be aiming for "symptom control". I have been drug-free for years now. When my own son was constantly ill as a toddler, I was told this was "normal" and that he needed medications and operations. This was, well, just wrong. By using alternative treatments, we helped made his health practically bulletproof. Everyone who knows him asks us how we did it!

I believe in a holistic approach to kids and teach parents on how to use natural remedies and treatments to help them become healthy in the long term. Many of my patients have asthma or chronic respiratory problems like RAD, or even recurring problems like middle ear infections. There are simple steps any parent can follow to help their child become stronger, healthier and less dependent from prescription drugs.


What can I help you with?

How Fever works

Understand how fever works

We talk about common misconceptions, dispel fears and explain in simple terms what to do.

Coughing child

make the cough better, starting now!

Here's what WE do with our children when they are coughing. No antibiotics. Enjoy!

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learn why MILK isn't
that good for us

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