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            Wondering what to DO for this flu season?

  Do you hate that cough, the sleepless nights despite the medications, and just wish you knew what to USE?

                          Learn what a pediatrician uses at home for her OWN Kids to keep them healthy!


What can I help you with?

How Fever works

Understand how fever works

We talk about common misconceptions, dispel fears and explain in simple terms what to do.

Coughing child

make the cough better, starting now!

Here's what WE do with our children when they are coughing. No antibiotics. Enjoy!

Why milk is not a necessary food.jpg

learn why MILK isn't
that good for us

The most important reasons we don't recommend milk to our patients. Food for thought?

Meet Dr. Susanna

I am a licensed pediatrician based in Zurich, SwitzerIand. I practise a holistic approach to kids and always educate parents on how to use natural remedies and treatments to treat their children's asthma and other chronic respiratory problems. You can help your child become stronger, healthier and less dependent from prescription drugs. I am a former asthmatic myself, and used to be told as a child and teenager that I would have my endogenous, allergic asthma all my life. Well, it has been gone for years now, thanks to correct nutrition, natural remedies and acupuncture.

I can personally relate to what kids are feeling when they are wheezing and coughing their guts out. While it is possible that your child will outgrow their asthma, I firmly believe in actively helping them get better in the fastest, most effective ways possible. I did this for my own son before I started my formal acupuncture training and now, I teach other parents all my secrets!